SW Quiz #338 – The Euros

We are on the cusp of enjoying the Euro 2020 tournament, with the big kick-off scheduled for tomorrow.

For the first time in a long time, I’m quite excited. I’ve been writing articles about it for the last three months or so, and have collected the sticker album, and unusually it has got me in the mood for it. If you’re the same, you should try your luck in our Euro 2020 Prediction League, where there is a book to be won. I know it’s not a great prize, but it’s free to enter so what do you expect, right?

I love facts and figures, so here are a few from Euro 2016. Did you know, there were only three red cards in the tournament and one straight red? Did you know with 24 teams, it was the biggest event to date? Did you know that Northern Ireland lost three matches, the joint highest with Ukraine, but still got as far as England? If you did, then this quiz is going to be a breeze.

If you didn’t brace yourself to be tested. Mind you, the facts and players I’ve picked are nothing like as obscure as that!

If you like this quiz and fancy a couple of others from Euros gone by, let me know.