SW Quiz #341 – Who Are We Playing?

It’s a bit of a slow news day today – no big transfer rumours, possibly the quiet before the storm.

I know the cup draw is later, and the fixtures came out this morning, but they’re not really news, are they? You all have fixtures you look out for, others that means not so much and there’s no point in me repeating them to you here. I don’t need clicks and likes, I have my faithful patrons supporting the site and therefore can create content that doesn’t have to hit a click quota. I’m lucky in that respect.

Therefore, I’ve spent some time putting a quiz together, just a nice simple one. 15 photos, all of Lincoln matches from the past, but can you spot who we are playing? Look for kit colours, badges, player names, maybe even the advertising hoardings for your clues. They’re all there (bar one, which is stupidly hard and pretty much a 50/50 guess…).