Imps Close In On Mystery Striker – Who Could It Be?

Courtesy Graham Burrell

In the excitement of yesterday, I heard this little snippet on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

When asked by Scott Dalton if any other players were close, Michael Hortin replied: ‘Yes, they’re trying to get a player who has played in the Premier League as a striker in very soon’. It’s the sort of wonderful little clip that feeds the imagination and leads to one of the most popular types of article on this site, The Mindless Speculation Article.

I’m not sure why these always perform well. As you know, thanks to you wonderful patrons (who can support the site for as little as £2 per month) I don’t need to worry about viewing numbers, but it is always obvious if an article gets 25,000 views as this one did, then you apparently like them. Therefore, I’ve dusted off my keyboard (not that it ever gets a minute to gather dust), done some research (god bless transfermrkt) and put together a list of possible candidates.

I have worked on the assumption the player in question is a free agent, as that seems to be the way we’re going. I know we would pay for a player into the final year of his contract, but that makes it a very broad spectrum to research and far too speculative, even for me! I have included a loan player, but only one as the pool of players is too broad otherwise.

I hope you enjoy this list and please, if you are one who doesn’t like mindless name throwing and a bit of fun, then just move on and don’t get all righteous on social media (you know who you are, and if you don’t, everyone else knows who you are).