Imps News Roundup: Rule Changes, Big Mick and More

Real news is few and far between at the moment, and by real news, I mean the stuff you want to read.

There’s no ‘Imps sign keeper’ headlines, nothing to alleviate worries that we seem to be bringing in triallists, not on trial but to cover absences. I’m holding off on panicking at the moment, but I’ll level with you: I have concerns this season. It’s July 20th, the season kicks off in less than three weeks, and we can’t field a full side against Boston in a friendly due to players not being ready. I know I’m doing exactly what I tell people not to do, but it makes me wonder if we might have to adjust our expectations this season. Other clubs are spending BIG, much bigger than we will, and I back that, but until this division settles and the likes of Ipswich, Wigan, and Sunderland stop skewing the wages, we might not be top-six challengers. That’s my fear, based on the salary cap being abolished, our own late manoeuvres and worries around the likes of Joe Walsh carrying over from last season. Maybe I’m just beginning to worry unduly – I know the happy clappers will be on at me for this, and I know the doom and gloomers will seize on it as well! You want the truth, though, right? There we are – I’m apprehensive of the season ahead right now.

You will also have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet over the last 72 hours or so. It’s been my partner’s birthday, plus we had a Covid-sensible party at the house with many of your Stacey West favourites in attendance (Bubs and Ben being two you see plenty from, Dad, Dave, Pete and Matt being four I reference a lot). Beer, food, music and sun have meant I’ve been away from my keyboard (AFK, I’m told, is the correct acronym), and therefore not able to comment too much on getting hammered by the Pilgrims in a pre-season training exercise. It also means there’s a bit of news to catch up on, so here is the roundup to keep your appetite whetted for the games coming up this week.