2020/21 Season Review Out Now

I always wait a bit to put my season review out.

There are three reasons for it. One, Chris Wray’s is much better and for a good cause, so I don’t want to go up against his. Two, I’m always short of time and therefore can’t ever get it out in decent time. I did have a third reason, but it escapes me now. We’ll go with the cover design and be done with it!

Anyhow, it is out now and available on Amazon. It is essentially a collection of match reports, transfer news and other bits from the site, all pulled together in a cover adorned with Bubs’ photos to act as a keepsake for future generations. It’s the fifth in a row I’ve released and if I’m honest, it’s probably just a vanity project of mine. I want to collect them together, so that one day when the site doesn’t exist, and maybe I don’t exist, someone will be able to find accurate opinions and news about this great period in our history. It’s why I love programmes so much – a physical copy of something is worth so much for future generations. Even just flicking through my 2016/17 season review brings back great memories, ones I might not relive going down a wormhole on my computer.

Like I said, this isn’t a hard sell. I’m not going to push it so hard that I pledge to make a donation from the proceeds, because the truth is they sell few copies, because there’s no angle to market. Father’s Day is gone, Christmas is a long way away and there’s nothing I can say ‘buy this book’ for. Besides, you can read all the content, bar the odd one or two bespoke bits, on the site. It’s just for those people who want to own Lincoln City books, who want to give something Imps’ themed for a present or want to read my stuff without logging onto a laptop or mobile device.

If that’s you, grab your copy on Amazon here. Sadly, I’m not doing them from my own home this year, the postage costs alone are more or less equal to the profit I make per book, so I’d be having my own pants down by trying to sell them myself, and would end up charging you more, which would be rubbish.

I have also dropped the price of some of my other season reviews if you wish to buy any of those as a present for someone. 2017/18 is here, 2018/19 is here and finally 2019/20 is here. All are £10.99 and Amazon will post ’em for free. Each purchase earns me enough for a pint, so if two of you buy a copy, at least I can get drunk! I do plan to overhaul each one so they’re the same print size and have new covers, so if you’re a ‘first edition’ type, you might only have a month or two to get the originals.