Memorabilia Corner Pt 7 – More Badges

There’s only a couple more of these, but if you’re reading this you’re obviously interested in the badges I have!

This is the fourth post with Imps badges, and there’s a few to go yet. I’ll get straight into it, but if you wish to you can find the other the posts here, here and here.

This is a collection of club badges, and I’ve only offered comment if I think it’s necessary.

These look like two different badges, but actually, it’s five. I guess the club have a problem when the crest doesn’t change – how do you alter the badge sufficiently to get someone to buy it, but keep it the same? The round two are slightly different sizes, whilst the coat of arms style badges at slightly different, one being made from an alternative material.

I like the fact these are dated, incase you’re too tight to donate two years in a row and try to pass one off year upon year. I don’t think that’s the reason, but it does look a bit like it!

This isn’t club issue and it’s tiny, but I do like it as it plays on the county’s heritage as an RAF centre. It is a bloody small badge though.

Perhaps it isn’t as small as this. For some reason, the club went miniature with their official merchandise for a while, and this little thing is one example of that. Genuinely, it is hard to read the words on it without squinting, or zooming in as this photo has.

Neither are enamel badges, but I do like both. They’re official, one I think was via the FPS, the other from the club shop. They’re not metal, which I like, but they’re cherished nonetheless.

A couple of recent ones from the club shop. The silver one doesn’t really work for me, but I do like the seventies-style rosette

This is from the mid-nineties and one of the earliest I recall buying. It’s good quality, a nice variety of colour and manages to take the club badge theme but add something new to it.

If I have to tell you why I love this one so much, you don’t really know me.

Final one for today, something you can only get your hands on if you’re a RICT member. Are you? No? You know what to do!