Celebrate Sincil Bank Return With Imptoons and The Stacey West

We’re back in the ground tomorrow, at full capacity, for the first time since the pandemic hit.

It was March 7th when we last walked into the ground, oblivious to the growing threat that Covid-19 posed. One that afternoon, we beat Burton 3-2 and in my opinion, had staved off the threat of relegation for the season. It had been a turbulent one, losing Danny Cowley and seeing Michael implement some tough love on the squad. Not two months earlier, one Twitter account had even questioned whether Michael’s job was at risk. It seemed ludicrous to me at the time, but given what has happened since, it is barely comprehensible.

Only four players from the squad of 18 are still with the club (curiously, two of those players got our three goals that afternoon). 509 days will have passed since the last full house at the Bank, but it seems like a lifetime. A lot has happened, and finally tomorrow we get to cap it off and look forward.

To celebrate that, the talented Chris Wray has done a commemorative postcard, celebrating our return to the ground, and we’ve piggy-backed on the back of it to collaborate and make 1,000 of them available at the ground. For free. That’s right, 1,000 of these excellent postcards will be out there, waiting for you to take one home. On one side is the cartoon he did when we first went into lockdown, full of fear and trepidation. On the other side, a new Imptoon, one of hope, joy and a renewed optimism for the future. 509 days, encapsulated in two cartoons from our unique talent, Mr Wray.

They’ll be in a box branded with the Imptoons and Stacey West logo, and they are exclusively available at the ground this weekend, for those lucky enough to be there and enjoy the afternoon. Make sure you grab one to remember this wonderful afternoon, where whatever the score on the field, Lincoln City fans will feel like winners.

Although three points would be nice lads, cheers.