“We turned down significant bids” – Liam Scully reveals interest in other Imps players

We’ve put our wide-ranging interview with Liam Scully up this morning, which is well worth a listen.

We discuss all manner of topics, including season ticket cards, recent issues on matchday and, of course, the current transfer window. I won’t transcribe the whole interview here, but there are some points worth picking out for those who don’t have an hour-and-a-half to spare this morning.

There’s a lot around the Tayo Edun sale that is worth hearing, but Liam did admit that with Tayo leaving and Jamie Robson coming in, it did give us some scope for placing bids elsewhere, which was done.

“There were actually a number of bids put in for other players; ultimately, they were unsuccessful,” said our CEO. “We thought that would probably be the case, but we had to test the water.”

Combined with the collapsed loan signing of Morgan Whittaker, that left the club short. Liam addresses the deadline day disappointment (but obviously doesn’t confirm the name of the player), adding; “Three weeks before that deal was pretty much done, and we took the strategic position that the player was of enough ability that it was worth waiting for, and to take that risk. If it had come off, as did Brennan Johnson 12 months ago, people see the positive of it.”

Whilst fans were left a little disappointed, especially with the sale of Tayo, accusations of the Imps purely being a selling club are not accurate. Liam confirmed interest in multiple Imps’ players, with seemingly big bids turned down.

The one that got away; how many wriggled off the hook? Credit Graham Burrell

“We turned down significant six-figure bids for a number of our players, multiple bids and multiple interests,” he confirmed. “This goes back to ‘are we a selling club’ – I don’t know what a selling club is, but everyone at our level has to player trade to move their way up the football pyramid.”

Liam also admitted the ‘model’ as it is referred to is not simply a ‘one-in-one out’ philosophy; the deal has to be right.

“It’s not just about bringing a player in and accepting any bid. We look at contract length; on-field value, we look at chances of extending that deal. A number of things do go into it.

“We turned down a number of quite lucrative cash value bids for a number of players this summer; a number of them multiple bids for the same players. They just didn’t match our valuation, that goes back to the marketplace in some instances, but equally where we’re looking to sell players.

“Some of the bids were from rival League One clubs, and whilst I’m not saying we wouldn’t sell to rival League One clubs, it’s certainly not Plan A. We want to look up, not down, we want to be competitive, and that dictates your decisions.”

Deeper into the interview, he talks about Tayo’s value (we’d have liked £100,000 more, but the market dictated the fee), protecting the model (in an ideal world, the replacement comes in six months before the departure) and undisclosed fees (we’d disclose fees if everyone did). There are discussions around free agents (tentative discussion took place this week, but our highest offer was doubled elsewhere in minutes), as well as honest chats about turnstile operators, queues and the current food situation at Sincil Bank.

Genuinely, it’s a good interview and hopefully, worth your time over the next 24-hours or so. You can find it at this link, on iTunes or Spotify, or by just asking Alexa to ‘play the Stacey West Podcast’.