Burton Road Chippy Join Stacey West Development Fund

We’ve got some exciting news for fish and chip fans; Burton Road chippy is joining the Stacey west Development Fund.

As you know we’ve teamed up with Vital Lincoln City, Imptoons and L.I.S.A to drive the Stacey West Development Fund, an opportunity for you to contribute towards the development of the Stacey West stand without having to find £500 for a bond. The bond scheme is going great guns, but there’s also a nice side fund building now; the total is £2500 and counting. If you wish to contribute, please do so by clicking this link.

The fund will be boosted by Burton Road Chippy, who are going to host a special, one-off event on Monday, October 18th. Their staff have agreed to work for free that night to maximise profits, and they’ll be decorating the shop in Lincoln City colours. Here’s the big news; every penny raised from sales on the night will be going to the fund. That’s right, you buy your fish and chips and in turn, help drive the fund up a little bit more!

“We just want to help with the great work everyone else is doing and help the club develop,” Lesley told me today, and help they are. It’s the day before the Wimbledon game, so keep that in mind.

If you do make your way up there on October 18th, make sure you wear something related to Lincoln City as well, as there will be a discount for you. Or don’t, pay more and it all goes to the club. Either way, you’re a winner.

It promises to be a fun(d) evening and both Ben (from the podcast, that Ben) and myself will hope to be up there too. After all, you can tell neither of us shirk good fish and chips, right?

Remember, you can contribute to the fund right here. The total will be boosted by Imptoons card packs, which you can buy here on eBay, with Vital Lincoln City set to match the figure raised there. Tomorrow, we’ll also be announcing news of the big raffle we’ve put together, again all proceeds going straight to the fund.