Stacey West Development Fund Mega Raffle

That’s right; it’s not just a raffle, it’s a mega raffle!

The joint venture between us, Vital Lincoln City, L.I.S.A., Imptoons and Burton Road Chippy is kicking up a notch with the announcement of our raffle. Before we get into that, here’s an update. As of lunchtime on Sunday September 26th, the fund is at £2765. That’s an interim figure, believe me.

Why? Because Burton Road Chippy has announced a charity night on October 18th, where every penny they make will be ploughed into the fund. Imptoons already has £680 worth of profit he’s ploughing in from his latest card release, and Vital Lincoln City are going to match that figure.

All of the money raised will be handed to the club to help get the Stacey West Development over the line; a second-tier to our famous end, and community facilities underneath. It’s a big project, the first major ground remodelling of this century, and it will hopefully herald a new era in terms of attendance and financial viability.

That leads us nicely onto the raffle. It works as raffles work; you buy a ticket for £5, and Ben and I will do a live draw towards the end of October to announce the winners. A raffle is nothing without prizes, and boy, do we have some wicked prizes for you. If you buy a ticket, which you really should, this is what you can win (in no particular order).

4 x A place for you and a plus one in an executive box for the M.K. Dons fixture on Boxing Day (alongside myself and Ben) (donated by Ben and Rach)

1 x signed Liam Bridcutt match-worn third-shirt from last season (donated by the club)

1 x squad signed shirt from last season (donated by L.I.S.A.)

3 x squad signed programmes from last season (donated by Vital Lincoln City)

1 x bespoke Imptoons caricature of a player of your choice (donated by Imptoons/Chris Wray)

1 x Limited Sincil Bank 3D model (donated by Ben)

1 x Full set of Stacey West Blog Season Reviews, 2016/17 through to 2020/21, signed if you want by me (donated by me)

1 x Suited and Booted, signed if you so desire (donated by me)

1 x Silver Charm Bracelet (donated by L.I.S.A.)

This is a super list of prizes, and there’s surely something on there for everyone. It’s a no-brainer to enter, right? The Boxing Day game will be great fun, it could be one of the very last where the current Stacey West Stand View is there to see, so we’ll be recording a few bits about the stand, your memories and the like and sticking those in a super-special podcast as well. Thank you to everyone who has donated a prize!

In order to win, you have to buy a ticket, and that couldn’t be easier. Just click on this link (or the big one below) and pledged £5, £10 for two tickets, £15 for three etc. You’ll see how many people are already in it as well – 36 so far. Why not make that more right now?

We will be pushing this as much as we can over the next few weeks, and once we’re ready to go, the total will just be added to the rest of the fund. Instead of going out and putting £5 of fuel in a jerry can right now, why not buy a raffle ticket instead and know that deep down, you’re helping to make Sincil Bank a better place? You know it makes sense.



You can young man, if you buy a ticket!