Lasse Sorensen on GPS Headlines and Favoured Position

Credit Graham Burrell

21-year-old Lasse Sorensen has been heavily involved in the early part of this season and is likely to feature at Morecambe this evening.

We’ve seen him play deep in midfield, further forward, and even at right-back in the Carabao Cup game against Shrewsbury. Whilst some MK Dons fans believed he hadn’t found his position during his stay there, he told me yesterday where he prefers to play.

“I’ve always been a midfielder and played in midfield,” he said from the team’s Morecambe hotel. “Whether it’s a sitting midfield, or further forward, I don’t care about that really.

“As a footballer, if you’re asked to play a position, you have to do it as it’s part of being a footballer. I’ve always played as a midfielder, but I don’t mind where I play.”

That’s good, because the way things are going with injuries he might need to play a few more positions! I was interviewing Lasse for the club programme, this weekend, and it’s a good interview. He talks about his time at Stoke, his move here, and what he finds most baffling about English cuisine. As part of my research, I’d discovered that Lasse topped a national footballer’s GPS charts. In 2020, during lockdown, Lasse outpaced Kieran Tierney of Arsenal and Jesse Lingard of Manchester United.

When I asked him about it, he chuckled and revealed the story behind the story.

Credit Graham Burrell

“Most clubs have a GPS to use during lockdown,” he said. “We wore them during lockdown and we had to record our efforts. I don’t know why, but I came highest in the country.

“At home, I’m a bit of a boring person and I’m happy to do the work, so that’s probably why I did well. We were given our programs, I just followed it and that was that. Don’t really know why. You do your best, you get the best out of it!

“I just did what I was told, I was up there and that was it.”

I’m told by club insiders that ‘just doing your best’ is Lasse’s unofficial motto, that he’s a focused and driven human being who wants the best for himself and his teammates. Those who follow me on Twitter will know I found him incredibly engaging, full of energy and happy to answer any questions. He had me chuckling with his discussion about English food, which you can read in the club programme.

Please consider buying a programme, not because of my interview, but to ensure this vital football tradition is protected here at Sincil Bank. It would be a tragedy to lose them, and you don’t have to do it at a game; you can buy one from Ignition Media here. If you do, you’ll get to read more about our former Denmark Under 20 international.