All Free Agent Centre Forwards Available To The Imps

You know how I love these articles, and judging by the viewing figures, I know you love them too.

There’s been such a clamour for us to sign a free agent striker of late, I wanted to put it out there what we’re up against. It sounds so easy when they say it on the radio – ‘just sign someone with experience to cover the number nine position’ is something I hear all the time. It’s as if the Football Manager players think Michael and Jez can just type ‘strikers’ into a database, select ‘shooting, 15 or more’ and find a host of players ready and waiting to join the club. Guess what? They can’t.

In fact, the pool of players without a club has diminished since the end of the transfer window. One striker who was on the list I did on September 1st, Joe Dodoo, has since signed for Doncaster; he’s scored two goals, both in the EFL Trophy. Kieran Agard is another who was on my list; he’s had six goalless games for Plymouth. Conor Wickham has played twice for Preston, he hasn’t scored either. Not that easy, is it?

I’ve gone through the website Transfermarkt once again, looking for all free agent strikers who played in the EFL or for an EFL club last season, and these are the results. I’d say enjoy, but it might be more apt to say ‘welcome to the real world’. There might be a player on there useful to our squad, but not one is going to avoid the usual suspects claiming they are an underwhelming signing.