SW Quiz #348 – Season So Far

It’s been a while since I’ve dropped a quiz, and with little to report at present, it seems as good a time as any.

Before I do though, can I remind you all of the Stacey West Development Fund Mega Raffle, which is still going? We’ve got ANOTHER great prize being added later this week! There’s also the Burton Road Chippy event on Monday, and you can buy this exclusive art print and help the SW Fund. Of course, if you so desire, you can just contribute to the fund here as well. we’re currently closing in on the £5000 mark, a huge achievement by Vital Lincoln City, Imptoons, LISA, us and everyone else involved. Most of all, thank you, you’ve been great and I’m sure we’ll help out a little with the fund when we close.

Right, now that’s done, shall we press on with the quiz. You might not want to remember all of these games, but lets see if anyone does. 15 out of 15 anyone? Let me know on social media.