Four Transfers a Reputable Site Thinks the Imps Might Be Involved in this Winter

Credit Graham Burrell

As you know, I once worked for Football League World, and back then there were very few exclusives going around.

Now, the site often have transfer news as they’re spreading their reach further into the football media world, and in recent weeks they’ve speculated on a couple of deals we might, or might not be interested in over the winter window. I’m not one for mindless speculation, but they have been right in the past, specifically with Josh Bowler – he did end up at Blackpool! We were mentioned in the article, although our interest was never 100% confirmed, it does suggest they had some inside knowledge as they got the transfer right.

Credit Graham Burrell

To add balance, they linked us with Tennai Watson and Magnus Norman, neither player joined us, nor did they move to clubs also listed in the article. Norman is now at Carlisle, rather than having headed to League One, whilst Watson is with MK Dons.

However, this is silly season, is it not? This is the time of year you want to read about possible signings (or sales). I’d rather give some credit to a reputable site like theirs than a silly sod in his bedroom pretending to be an ex-agent or something. That said, not all of the news they’ve reported is exclusive – but I’ve included it anyway.

So, with that in mind, here are four transfer deals Football World think we’re could be involved in this winter.