Stacey West Player of the Month: November

Credit Graham Burrell

What a difference a month makes. Circumstances have conspired to prevent me from writing this up, not least having a game on the last day of November and hence needing to wait for results, but also a real malaise around our performances.

As you know, after every game, you have the ability to rate the players on the site, and from there, I can work out your Player of the Month. Last month, Chris Maguire took the top spot, but who has claimed the same for November? Anybody?

To recap, these are the rules.

  • To qualify, a player must have played in at least 50% of the games that month.
  • Players who play fewer than 15 minutes will not have their rating counted.
  • If two players are tied, the player with more appearances will be placed highest

I think that’s it; if anything else comes to me, I’ll work it in later!

Without further ado, let’s crack on, shall we?

3rd – Freddie Draper 6.30


Credit Graham Burrell

Draper only made his debut in October, but by November he’s getting finishing third out of our entire squad for his performances. He earned two Man of the Match performances, against Portsmouth and Accrington, perhaps more for the fact he looked like he cared. This next statement isn’t meant to sound detrimental to Freddie, but when a 17-year-old coming into the side is besting senior players, you know there’s either an issue, or he brilliant. I think Freddie is good, but with a 6.30 average rating, he was among the best of a bad bunch.



2nd – Chris Maguire -6.36

Credit Graham Burrell

Marginally ahead of Freddie is last month’s winner, Chris Maguire. He picked up a single Man of the Match against Carlisle, a game he scored in and one we should never have lost. He did miss a penalty in that game, in the shoot out, but luckily you didn’t hold that against him. He cuts a frustrated figure at times, looking to have talent, but not the support in attack to make it work. Yes, 6.36 is enough to get him into third and it probably reflects the quality on show all month more than anything other than the winner.


1st – Max Sanders 6.40

Credit Graham Burrell

Max is struggling for minutes, but clearly as fans you see in him something the coaching staff do not. The former Brighton man put in 90 minutes against Bowers, scoring and getting us through to the next round of the cup. For that, he earned himself a Man of the Match award. He then played just 103 minutes of football; nine again Pompey which made his score irrelevant. He played just 16 minutes against Accrington and was the second-highest scoring player with 5.8, and 78 minutes against Carlisle, where again he got the second-highest score. This is an absolute statement of how poor the rest of the team were, when the fewer minutes you’ve played, the higher you score! For the record, Sam Long actually got the highest rating, 7.2, but played just once against Bowers, whilst Adam Jackson got the next highest from just two eligible appearances. Still, congratulation to Max, who does look to have potential.

Previous Winners

August: Anthony Scully 7.54

September: Josh Griffiths 7.90

October: Chris Maguire 7.44