Ref Watch: MK Dons (H)

Credit Graham Burrel

Football’s coming, a little after Santa Claus, but it’s coming.

Who will be the Christmas grinch with the whistle though? Who will we be hoping is full of festive cheer if we go down in the area against MK Dons?

Johnathon Bickerdike and Wayne Grunnill
Fourth Official: Tom Bishop

We have been seeing Boyeson since 2002, he’s one of the longest-serving on the list and he’s a referee I haven’t always been happy with. The most obvious angering moment came against Bristol Rovers at home in 2019, where he awarded them a soft penalty for a Tom Nichols dive and denied us one in the first half too. He’s worked for us by the way, he gave us a penalty in the 1-1 draw with Grimsby the same season which was soft, to say the least. He gave us a helping hand against Tranmere too, sending one of their lads off in rather soft circumstances. Boyeson is a landmine, waiting to be stepped upon.

Lost 4-1 against Crewe – Credit Graham Burrell

In total, he has officiated 21 Lincoln City matches, and to be fair, he isn’t one to flash a red. Some matches have passed without a yellow, including our 4-1 defeat at home against Crewe. I have always found him to be a referee who gets the basics wrong, which is easy to say when you wear rose-tinted spectacles. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Boyeson has just irked me and isn’t a bad referee at all.

However, shortly before he officiated his last Imps game, a 1-1 draw with Sunderland last season, I was sent this, which is worth reprinting.

“I have just seen who the referee for Saturday is and I am gobsmacked – Carl Boyeson. Now aside from the fact that he is one of the poorest referees we have seen in recent years, he is based in Hull. I do not know if he is a Hull fan, but even if not he must come into contact with plenty who are.

“Given the respective positions of Hull, Sunderland and ourselves, is this a sensible appointment- I think not. Even on a subconscious level his decisions could have a huge bearing on who gets the points. Some may argue that in the current positions that may favour us, but it cannot be right.

“We saw on Tuesday what I considered to be the worst refereeing performance of the season so far. Whilst Ross Joyce didn’t make any single game-changing decision it was clear that Evans had got to him. I am not suggesting bribery, but his mind games worked. Possibly subconsciously, but that is what I fear for Boyeson. I hope I am wrong.”

He didn’t have a good game in that Sunderland tie; I remarked he was whistle-happy, should have sent Wyke off and generally didn’t seem to be in control. I’m hoping the blog reader is wrong this time out!