SW Podcast #152: Live with Clive, Harvey and Liam

I’m going to admit, I was worried about this one.

Not because of the stellar lineup of guests; the chairman, our American investor and the CEO make for quite a subject, but because Ben and I genuinely felt out of our depth. Three of the men tasked with shaping our football club were right there with us in the room, and it’s hard not to feel a little overawed. To add to the pressure, Harvey’s wife Missy and son Jensen were also there whilst we recorded. Scared? yes, a little.

We need not have been. Clive is Clive; great on the spot, even better when the tape isn’t rolling. It turns out Harvey is the same, a genuine, down-to-earth guy with a real love of sports. He’s embracing Lincoln, but not just as an investor, as a person and as a family. We were lucky to spend some time with them after the podcast, which felt like such a huge privilege. Honestly, until you have seen the spark in Clive’s eye when he talks about the Ipswich game in 2017, you haven’t lived.

Anyway, this wasn’t just a jolly, it was a chance to get to know Harvey a bit better, and to speak to Clive about a few different points. Liam chips in on the Covid situation as well, and I think it might be as close to a Christmas special as we do this year (we’ll see if maybe a New Year one is worth it). Both Ben and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.