The Imps Half Year Report

Before we start, this isn’t going to be an analysis of games and positions.

There’s no denying it; we’re in a tight spot and when I chuckled at those suggesting we were in a relegation battle, I was wrong. Since the end of September, we’ve been largely poor, having played bad teams and come away with nothing. Even MK Dons, hunting a top-six spot, we no better than us. We’re beating ourselves and it isn’t just a lack of goals. Jokingly, I’ve always said that if you let goals in and can’t score, you’re in trouble. It was meant to be one of those ‘bloody obvious’ statements, but here we are letting goals in and struggling to score. Then, when we do put the ball in the net, we concede more.

Credit Graham Burrell

I can’t sugar-coat it. I think January will bring change, we so desperately need new recruits it is unreal, but will it change those players who look defeated before we kick off? Will it help us stop leaking stupid goals, considering the defence is not an area we’re looking at as part of our wider problem? I really don’t know. I hope so, I believe so, but I wouldn’t say 100% it will. What I will say is we’re in a rut, with fans at each other, players looking beaten as soon as they concede and an air of vitriol around the place that I haven’t witnessed in many years.

It seems incredibly we’re only six months on from the League One play-off final, doesn’t it? It shows how quickly football supporters can turn. Anyway, I’m not here for that, everyone is entitled to an opinion if they express it in the correct manner, and here is mine on the current squad’s progress. I’ve also included the current rating, out of ten, that you have awarded the players over the season, on average.


An early version of this article had averages that were unfair – basically, the monthly total divided by four. Now, all scores are added on a game-by-game basis and divided by the total. For those who might not see the problem, Scully could have eight games in a month and get a 7 for each, then play once in November, half-injured, and get a 5. His average would 6.00 if you simply added 5 and 7 and divided by two, but his actual average would be 6.77.