Who Are The Worst Lincoln City Signings of All Time?

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I had an idea; I’ve done a run down of the five worst Man Utd signings ever in my real job, and I thought I’d do the same for the Imps. 

It was supposed to be so easy; I throw out a quick Tweet, you suggest a load of names and I pick five. It sounded easy, it really did. Instead, I’ve been inundated with suggestions, to a point where I think it has to go out to a wider audience.

Therefore, I’m inviting you to suggest your worst Lincoln City signings of all time. There are caveats though. Firstly, we’re not going to go with anyone currently in the squad. After all, if you were thinking of current players, there’s still time for them to turn their form around. Besides, I can’t say hand on heart a single player currently wearing red and white ranks amongst the worst ever. Nowhere near. The other caveat is they must have played at least one game for the Imps; I can’t be calling some poor lad from Millwall a bad player just because he never got a kick.

What I plan to do is this; you reply to this article in the comments below (there’s a comments section on the site which I think will be good for this purpose). There are so many social media outlets now, four Facebook pages, tweets and replies, that I shall try to collate from there, but the best way to get your chosen players on the list is by adding them below (I will look at Twitter too as there are so many there already). I’ll run this for a day or two, and then we’ll have a big vote to find your top ten, which I’ll run down in an article. To feed my own ego, I’ll do my own top five as well.

Is that clear? It’s simple really, comment below and wait to get your votes in. It’s all in good spirits and some players we rank as awful (Mr Tynan) might not have been bad players at all. You might go for good players signed at bad times (Tom Champion), or those who just didn’t get much of a chance.

Hopefully, but the time we run down the list, you’ll realise this summer wasn’t quite as bad as you think!