Worst Lincoln City Signing Ever: Group A

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Okay, so instead of a quick run down of the top five, I’ve ended up with a list almost as long as nominations for the best player. 

Therefore, we’re going to have to narrow the field down in the only way we know to be fair – putting to a vote on here. That means eight groups of nine players, with the worst player from each group going through to the final knockout stages. However, before I start, I want to make a couple of things clear, thanks to a few messages I’ve had.

I’m not attempting to say these footballers were bad; some of them had really good careers, appearing in the top flight, European football and even for their country. What we’re looking for is the worst signing Lincoln City made, based on their arrival and their time here. I urge you to remember that; a player we paid big money for is, by definition, a worse signing than some poor lad we grabbed from Northwich when we were skint. A player who didn’t play at all can’t possibly be a worse signing than one who shipped five goals on his only appearance, can he? I guess that’s for you to decide.

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Also, for those saying we shouldn’t focus on negatives, this is actually a positive article. I want people to read some of the players’ names on here and perhaps think on when they call this summer the ‘worst window ever’. It really isn’t, and we’ve had some truly awful signings over the last forty years, which is the time period these players have been pulled from. By the way, if I missed your player, my apologies, but everyone put them on different social media channels, not in the website comments and I really haven’t had the time to scour all the different groups. Also, as much as Chris Sutton boiled my wee as well, he just doesn’t count as he was a manager, not a signing.

If you are a player featured on here, please don’t take offence. Look at it like this; I once worked for a company called Timber Stair Manufacturers. I did it during a time of immense emotional turmoil and I felt I’d given it my best shot. To be fair, I was awful, and I’m sure Dave at the company wouldn’t be as bold as to say so. However, the people I served, those whose stairs I measured, would say otherwise. They’d be right, whatever the circumstances. Nobody is saying you were a bad player, just that when you played for Lincoln, someone felt you were (not necessarily me btw).

Also, some of the nominees just don’t deserve to be on the list! Anyhow, here are the nine players in Group A. To make it fair, I’ve randomised the groups to include players from across different ages. Have a read, and pick the worst at the bottom. I’ll try to do a group per day and only tot up the results at the end of the voting. I’d say ‘enjoy’, but I doubt you will, somehow.


Maheta Molango – Apps 14, Goals 1

I’m not buying Molango’s inclusion on here, although I do see why he has appeared. We loaned him from a Championship side, for whom he’d scored in the previous season, and he’d been on the books of Atletico Madrid. I guess that billing brings a certain excitement, which he didn’t fulfil.

Adi Yussuf Apps 2 Goals 0

Again, Yussuf I think is unfortunate to appear on here as he came to us as an experiment and only played twice. He had played for Burton in League Two and scored a couple of goals, so I guess there was a bit of expectation, but I’ve seen far, far worse in a Lincoln shirt.

Gavin McCallum Apps 56, Goals 6

It seems odd to have a player on here who scored six goals, but McCallum was incredibly frustrating. Remember, he signed for a fee, which many did not, and he’d played international football for Canada. There was a lot of excitement at us capturing him, but the 2010/11 season was an utter disaster and he played a big (or rather not so big) role in that. He should then have torn up the National League, but did not. Instead, on Jan 12 2012, he was spotted outside Home just 48 hours before a game, and never played again. When he left, it is reported he’d been earning £1300 per week, and his departure allowed us to bring four players in, only one of whom also appears in this list of almost eighty players.

Credit Graham Burrell

Khano Smith Apps 6 Goals 0

Smith looked to be the real deal on paper – he’d played for New York Red Bulls and New England Revolution, as well as Bermuda, for whom he’d scored seven times on his arrival. He seemed to be a real coup on paper, but on grass, he was not. He was utterly lost in the English game, and after being embarrassed at Northwich in our FA Cup tie, he left the club.

Robbie Williams Apps 11 Goals 0

Williams was just a non-league footballer we signed as a non-league club. I think he’s perhaps best known for being the player we took in exchange for Kyle Perry, who then scored against us in the National League. Williams didn’t stand out for us, but you must remember he signed during the latter part of the 2011/12 season, when Lincoln really were falling apart.

Francis Laurent Apps 14 Goals 1

Laurent has previously played for FSV Mainz in Germany and Southend United, and his former boss Tilson picked him up in the summer of 2011. He arrived injured and never got to play under his former boss; he only regained fitness after Tilson was sacked. He scored once, away at Forest Green, before heading to France and Belgium.

Credit Graham Burrell

Bruce Grobbelaar Apps 2 Goals 0

I guess Bruce needs little introduction. A member of the all-conquering Liverpool side of the mid-eighties, he was an English football icon who slowly filtered down the divisions. He only appeared twice for City, and despite his big reputation, he wasn’t a success. Mind you, he has kept more clean sheets in the league at Sincil bank than Josh Griffiths, although we conceded four in his second game and he left the club not long after.

Lee Hirst Apps 9 Goals 0

Hirst was a six-foot-two defender signed on loan from Coventry City in 1993/94. He made nine first-team appearances before returning to his parent club. He had an unremarkable stay at the club and didn’t convince manager Keith Alexander to give him a deal.

Dave Regis

Regis had a good career; he played top-flight football for Notts County, and appeared regularly in what would now be the Championship. His Lincoln career was rather less exciting; he from Leyton Orient for nothing, made on appearance as we were hammered 5-1 at Peterborough, and didn’t play for us again. Frustratingly, he went to Scunthorpe after us and bagged two in four games for them. Odd fact; he played against us for Orient in Nov 1997, played for us against Posh in Dec 1997 and then against us for Scunthorpe in Feb 1998, his final Football League appearance.

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