Post Sunderland Dog Walk Analysis

I’ve picked up a few new followers and (generous) Patreons this week, so I ought to outline what a ‘dog walk’ is before I carry on.

Oddly, my dog walk videos do seem rather popular. One day around two years ago I did a video on Tom Hopper arriving at the club. I mainly did it because I didn’t have time to write anything, so I did it on my daily walk with Charlie, my Shih Tzu. A few people watched, so I thought I’d start doing a video every so often. Things have snowballed from there.

They’re not regular, they’re often interrupted by farmers, misbehaving dogs (mine, almost exclusively) and bad weather, but we get around 50 viewers live, despite them being irregular and unpredictable, with several hundred watching in later. It’s mad really, but I’m happy to talk into my phone in the Wolds if you’re willing to watch.

This morning, I did a dog walk video on our win against Sunderland. Why not, eh?

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