SW Podcast 159: Liam Scully on Stewarding and Much More

It’s time for episode 159, and for those of you who get a bit sick of me, you’re in luck.

Thanks to the storm and living in the sticks, my internet wasn’t up to providing you with my dulcet tones, so my permanent stand-in, Liam Scully, joins Ben. Oh, Jake’s on too.

We’ve shaken things up a bit this week, so there’s a bit of Knappers from Fleetwood in a new feel to the podcast. Let us know what you think either in the comments, or on social media. Of course, we’re (or they’re) talking Wycombe and Doncaster too.

Also, hold tight for Jake’s full preview with Knappers, available on the YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to so you never miss a video.