The Bradford Connection Fundraiser With Vital Lincoln City

Our friends over at Vital Lincoln City are undergoing their yearly fundraiser for the Bradford Burns Unit.

Every year, Jules and the team put together a fundraiser for the Bradford Burns Unit, a facility that supported so many victims of the 1985 tragedy that took the lives of 56 football fans. Once a year, we come together as two fanbases to remember those who lost their lives, ensuring that whilst they never came home from a game of football, they’re never forgotten by those they left behind.

We are all part of a football family, people of different surnames, different backgrounds, but all brought together under the Lincoln City banner. Something deep inside is stirred when I hear the words ‘went to football and never came home’, a sorrowful emotion that I’m sure is shared amongst each and every single one of us. On that tragic day and for many months afterwards, the men and women of the Bradford Burns Unit were heroes to many. We must never forget the 56, nor those who worked tirelessly in the aftermath to help people injured by the fire.

If you’d like to help Vital Lincoln City, please do. It’s a great initiative they undertake every year and I’m sure it is warmly welcomed by the heroes at the Bradford Burns United who continue to do wonderful work to this day.

It’s a great cause and if you’d like to donate, there is more information available right here on Vital Lincoln City.