3,000 and Counting: Have You Renewed?

Chairman Clive Nates has confirmed that season ticket renewal numbers have already reached 3,000, with the early bird window still open for supporters.

We’re in the midst of a cost of living crisis, where some families have to choose between eating or heating, where fuel costs more per gallon than liquid gold, and yet 3,000 people have still committed to Lincoln City next season. It’s not an easy shout; the home form has been poor, we’ve been left disappointed more often than not on our way home from the Bank and there’s still no absolute guarantee we’ll even be in League One next season. With that in mind, selling 3,000 season tickets so quickly, and so early, is really good news indeed.

There’s less than a week for you to renew at the early bird prices, with the window closing at 5 pm on April 4th, which is this coming Monday. For those who wish to renew in person, the ticket office is remaining open late tomorrow evening, until 6.30 pm, so those who work full time and wish to renew in person can do. The club also states that as a thank-you to those supporters who do renew before the deadline, there will be an automatic entry into a prize draw to win a signed Imps shirt.

The club topped 6,000 season tickets this year, contributing to an average attendance of more than 8,700, which is excellent given a number of factors. The pandemic certainly stopped some from coming, with previously committed Imps finding their commitment to coming to games wavered as they evaluated their lives. Others were put off by the fear of catching the dreaded Covid, and there were plenty of others already feeling the financial pinch before everything went to shit a couple of months ago. When the football you’ve paid for is not always great, it makes renewing a tougher decision.

Remember, it’s not a competition. If someone chooses not to renew, for whatever reason, that’s their call, just like some will cancel their gym membership, or some stop going in their local pub. If you’re not renewing, there’s no need to put down those who state that they are; nobody is trying to be a super fan, some people just like to put that out there on social media. Don’t like it? Move along, no need to comment. That works both ways, there’s enough hate in the world right now without creating more because you choice and somebody else’s doesn’t align.

Me? I’ve renewed, later than I might have liked, but I shall be there. However, I’m lucky, with no dependents (apart from a dog who we just discovered likes raw egg, thus a cheap meal) and a decent job, I can afford to (just). Others may not be able to, and they shouldn’t feel like less of a fan because of it. If I were a father, with two kids and a partner who didn’t think football was a waste of time 9I still wonder why we’re together sometimes), things might be different. One ticket is affordable at the early bird rate but four? I’d have to think twice.

Still, if you can, you have just a few days to renew. Hopefully, it’ll be to see League One football next season, and as always, the club need your voice on matchdays, they need you to buy food and programmes and they need early bird sales to help ascertain a budget. The price has barely risen since we came out of the National League in this window, so it’s a great chance to get on it and see (hopefully) a more competitive team next season.