Stacey West Plans Updates

This artist’s impression shows the completed development from pitch side

The club have released a statement about the development of the Stacey West.

The board of Lincoln City FC can confirm revised details of the development of the Stacey West Stand which will provide a new home for the club’s community work.

Whilst the board was clear it would have been irresponsible to continue with the original plan, the club have attempted to retain the objectives as far as possible but adjust to the current reality, recognising that the overall economic landscape continues to be volatile and uncertain. Therefore, the chosen way forward, subject to planning approval, is a refined design to overcome
cost and supply chain challenges and is modular to provide flexibility in terms of build stages. The board envisage three phases which upon completion, will deliver an improved fan experience,
enhance our community provision and provide commercial growth.

This artist’s impression shows the external view of the redeveloped Stacey West Stand, which includes new offices for Lincoln City Foundation as well as multi-purpose areas.

While a general seating capacity increase is not part of the new design, the club plan to upgrade the current stand through refurbishment and continued exploration of rail seating at a 1:1 ratio as
per current legislation. The hope is that over time, and as the merits of rail seating is proven, the ratio of 1:1 will be positively reviewed resulting in an overall capacity increase within the Stacey
West Stand.

It should be noted that the club continue to work on funding, costing, and timing but believe that the adapted approach can be delivered with the support of stakeholders and the planning application will be submitted on the basis phase one can commence as soon as feasible. Timing of phases two and three will follow based on funding timing, prudent cashflow management and business case validation.

This artist’s impression shows the completed development from pitch side

In phase one, the club will build a ground level facility providing a new home for Lincoln City Foundation and space for them to deliver services around education and employability, health and
well-being, sport and physical activity and inclusion and community cohesion. Phase two will be a first-floor facility comprising further community space and flexible office space. The club is in discussions to secure occupation by partner stakeholders and local businesses as tenants on the basis the space is used to deliver social impact. Success in this area could see phases one and two completed within 12 to 24 months.

Phase three will be further considered once the challenges facing the construction industry have subsided and will see the creation of new hospitality areas to further drive commercial revenue.
In addition to the already secured Football Foundation grant, the Be Lincoln Towns Fund, a contribution from the club’s operating budget and The Stacey West Investment Bond, the board
can now announce that City have agreed a major partnership with the Lincolnshire Co-op that will see them take the exclusive naming rights of the newly created Lincoln City Community and Skills Hub at the rear of the stand.

This artist’s impression shows the internal view of the ground floor, which would become the new home for Lincoln City Foundation

The stand shall permanently and absolutely remain named The Stacey West Stand in tribute to Bill Stacey and Jim West, tragically taken, along with 54 others in the 1985 Bradford Fire disaster.

Finally, the Stacey West Bond remains open, and the terms remain unchanged. The board believe the amended plans deliver the original objectives, but any bondholders who have any questions
can get in touch by contacting

The artist’s impression shows the internal view of the top floor, which would become a new space for offices and hospitality on a match day.

Jake and I shall be discussing this on the podcast, released tomorrow at lunchtime.