Ref Watch: Portsmouth (A)

The ref watch article from last week didn’t go live as expected, and I had three people ask me why. 

When that happens, you know an article is worth keeping going! So, without further ado, here’s our Good Friday ref, and it’s one we know.

Assistants: Mark Derrien and Paul Evans
Fourth Official: Johnathon Bickerdike

Trevor Kettle, a man as popular as the postman at 10 Downing Street, is a name many will be familiar with, one that had often crossed our path many times before. He entered the Football League list in 2002/03, and has been haunting teams ever since. I know I’ve screamed abuse at him before, but not at the first imps game he officiated in – a 4-1 win against Mansfield Town back in Keith’s days.

Back in 2015, when we were taking a break from the Football League, he was proven to be one of the most card-happy officials in the English game. Whilst that might not be a good thing when he’s the referee, he also likes to send off managers, with one of tomorrow’s offials having been dismissed by him before. He once sent off Danny Cowley away at Crawley and seemingly takes no rubbish from anyone.

Credit Graham Burrell

I did praise him highly back when we beat Barnet 2-1 in 2017/18, he let the game flow and generally, football was the winner. I know some fans shudder at his name, but he isn’t the same fearsome figure he once was. He has calmed down a little in recent years, he’s only 19th out of 66 for fouls per game in League One; it’s in the top 30%, but he isn’t as bad as some. In terms of cards, he does still like the flash them, with 4.83 yellows per game (5th in the table) and 0.33 reds per game (6th). He likes a penalty too, awarding 0.33 per game, again in the upper half of the rankings. However, bear in mind he has only been given six League One ties this season, from 22 matches. In total, he has shown six reds in those games.

What I hope, is we get the experienced Trevor Kettle, not the overly card-happy version he was in the middle of his career.