Stacey West Patreon Update

Credit Graham Burrell

With the season drawing to a close, I’m searching for ways to improve the site ready for the 2022/23 campaign.

As you may know, we don’t have adverts here on the site; instead, we operate a Patron system. That means that some regular visitors to the site contribute £2 a month or more to help keep it running. This covers costs such as hosting and subscriptions to packages like Wyscout, Streamyard, Stats FC and a host of other associated expenditures.  My aim has always been to keep the site free and ensure that everyone has access to the content we provide.

That is still the case, but as we have a dedicated band of subscribers, I also want to offer them something exclusive as a thank you for their loyalty, and for helping to keep the site going. In recent weeks, I have been making some of the Dog Walk videos patron-exclusive. That means that if you miss the live feed, the only way to catch up is by becoming a patron. I stress not all of the videos have been patron-only, but some are, as a thank you to those who support the site.

I’m really conscious that I shouldn’t take current content away and put it behind a paywall; I always feel a bit aggrieved when that happens on sites I like! However, patrons of the site will now be getting some bits and bobs exclusive, including the re-telling of the Imps A-Z. You may recall that I released a book in 2016, the A-Z of Lincoln City Players. It was a tongue-in-cheek look at players who’d played for City between 1993 and 2016. I wrote it during my five months off with stress and anxiety and it helped drive the site forward as well. I took it out of print a few years ago, the content had become dated, players had moved on, and there were more than a few grammatical errors that bugged me as well.

To say thank you to patrons, I shall be taking players from that book who have played between 2016 and now and updating their entries, releasing those as exclusive content. It won’t affect the general function of the site, but if you do ever visit the past players menu, you might find some entries now locked out, like this one for Charlee Adams. That’s because they’re patron-only, and for as little as £2 per month, you can unlock access to those, and any other exclusive content I give to patrons.

If you’re not interested in supporting the site financially, or unable to, please don’t think this is a slur on you at all; the regular stuff will be exactly the same, from match reports to general articles, and all of the great stuff produced by contributors such as Malcolm, Tom and the team.

As always, thank you for your support and hopefully here’s to a great end of season shindig on Saturday, and then a 2022/23 campaign that sees us continue to consolidate our place in League One.

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