SW Player of the Month: April

This is the hardest Player of the Month article to write.

Be honest, who cares? The season is over, so looking back at April feels pointless. However, it must be done ahead of our awards article this weekend, and so here it is.

As you know, you lot rate the players every game (a little harshly in my opinion), and that leads us to the best and worst of the month. To recap, these are the rules.

  • To qualify, a player must have played in at least 50% of the games that month.
  • Players who play fewer than 15 minutes will not have their rating counted.
  • If two players are tied, the player with more appearances will be placed highest.

Three players got a higher rating than the player in third, but didn’t play enough games to qualify. Liam Bridcutt got an 8 for his outing against Charlton, Hakeeb Adelakun’s brief show against Crewe got him a 6.8, which would have seen him come second, and ben House averaged 6.53, but only played three of the seven games.

Without further ado, let’s crack on, shall we?

3rd – Adam Jackson (6.42)

Credit Graham Burrell

Jackson only missed one of the games in April, something of a rarity for him, and it proves perhaps what he could be capable of if he were fit for prolonged periods. He scored highly (more than seven) in three of those encounters, against Charlton (which seems an age ago now), Fleetwood and Cheltenham. He won a Man of the Match against Fleetwood too, a game which helped us towards safety.

2nd – Regan Poole (6.80)

Credit Graham Burrell

Poole might well have cleaned up in the Player of the Year awards, but he came second in April. Only a poor showing at Accrington stopped him getting above seven this month, but it wasn’t just him; it was an awful team performance. Poole grabbed two Man of the Match awards, being one of the few to come out of the final day win against Crewe with his head held high.

I am interested to see where he rates on a game-by-game basis overall. He’s the obvious Player of the Season, and it will be a reflection of how accurate the ratings are when I get them all collated.


1st – Lewis Fiorini (7.24)

Credit Graham Burrell

There’s no doubt about it: Lewis Fiorini has got better and better as the weather has got warmer. He grabbed three of the seven Man of the Match awards for April, and is the only player to have scored more than seven. he was wonderful against Cheltenham, the pick of a bad bunch at Accrington and even came out of the Crewe game with plenty of credit. His goals have been crucial for us this season, and I’m sure he’ll be a hit in the Championship next season.

Previous Winners

August: Anthony Scully 7.54

September: Josh Griffiths 7.90

October: Chris Maguire 7.44

November: Max Sanders 6.40

December: Josh Griffiths 6.70

January: Regan Poole 8.20

February: Brooke Norton-Cuffy 7.20

March: Regan Poole (7.22)