Stacey West End of Season Awards 2021/22

Credit Graham Burrell

It is time for the Stacey West End of Season Awards, mainly chosen by you, the readers of this site.

To be honest, I intended to do them over the weekend, but the weather was nice, you know how it is. It’s not so nice now, it’s overcast and a bit gloomy, so it reminded me of this season, and most of our supporters right now. Seems like a good time to do the end of season awards.

It’s been a challenging twelve months for Lincoln City fans, and the parting of ways that happened immediately after the final game felt like it made much of the campaign irrelevant. We had one player start 40 games, no more, we suffered more injuries than it ever felt possible and the achievement of staying in League One, to many, felt like a failure. I don’t think it was, not at all, but there’s no denying the season could have been better. We’re now at a crossroads; will we pull a George Kerr or Willie Bell out of the bag? Or will Clive make it a hattrick by adding a third play-off hunting manager in as many appointments? Time will tell.

Credit Graham Burrell

Over the course of the season, you have been rating each player, week by week, giving me the chance to do an awards article based not only on my interpretations but that of a collective of Imps fans everywhere. Without further ado, why not sit back, relax and check out the six awards we’re giving out this season, which are:

Player of the Year

The player with the highest average rating of the season, gathered by adding each match and dividing by the number of matches we have played during the period we collected data. To qualify, players have to have played in at least 30 of our matches this season.

Young Player of the Year

Same as above, but for players aged 21 or under when the season kicked off, and they must have played in 15 of our matches this season. I have lowered this, given how few games most of the players played!

Loan Player of the Year

Same as above, but for players we had in on loan who played in 70% of the games they were eligible for.

Jack Mulhall xG Award

My favourite award. Check out this article to find out how we’re going to award this one.

Best Team Display

The single game with the highest average rating

Best Individual Display

The player with the single highest rating for a solitary game.

Are you ready?