The Four Old Faces Who Could Be Like New Signings

Credit Graham Burrell

Another day goes by without a new signing.

The new season, unbelievably, kicks off in eleven days, and there’s still a feeling the squad is some way off being finished. The midfield looks light, we’re a wide player short in some people’s eyes, and there is still what many term ‘dead wood’ hanging around the squad. The eternally optimistic are saying mid-table, the forever pessimistic are (as always) saying relegation fodder and in the middle, those with splinter-filled bums are just saying anything better than last season is an achievement.

Credit Graham Burrell

What is the truth? Certainly, anything above 17th would be welcomed, but do we need new signings to do that? As last summer proved, new signings are not the be-all and end-all of a club’s summer, just as 2020 proved you can have a great summer without signing hyped players. Hopefully, my recent transfer window articles showed you that judging business in the summer is not always easy to do. What I did say in my video last night was I felt there could be players in the squad that feel like a new signing. There are a handful that I think some have written off who would be a major asset to the squad if they reached their past levels, or their potential. That’s right; we have four players you might not name as first XI players right now but who almost certainly could be.

Do you want to know which four I’ve picked? Here we go!

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  1. I think you’re spot on Gary. These four will come good. We saw just enough of Sanders and Sorenson to see potential. And Hopper and Adelukan are in the form is temporary, class is permanent mould.

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