SW 1-24 Predictions: Help Us Out!

Credit Graham Burrell

People put out their 1-24 predictions every year around this time.

I’ve done it for a few years, but last year I stopped. I am not a Jack-of-all-trades, and whilst I like to know about the other teams in our division, I don’t seriously believe I am in a position to tell you how I think (for instance) Port Vale will do. However, collectively, we might be.

Last season, we asked you to send in your 1-24 predictions, and I collated them all on a spreadsheet. I’m not sure I published the results, but we had Ipswich, Sunderland, and Wigan to go up (based on the team in third being promoted through the play-offs), which as Meatloaf said, ain’t bad. At the bottom, we didn’t quite do so well; we predicted Morecambe, Cambridge, Fleetwood and Cheltenham, none of which went down.

Credit Graham Burrell

Hat off to Andy Bulley and Jon Featherby who predicted Wigan to win the league, and to Imps Analytics and Jonathon Harries, who got Rotherham in second. At the bottom, Andy Bulley (again) got Doncaster to go down, Chris Steadman and Dom Clarke got Crewe to be relegated, Jonathon Harries, Connor Pearce, Andrew Horn, Pete Hennell and Keith Hookham correctly identified Wimbledon as relegation fodder, whilst only, Jonathon Harries and Andrew Horn got Gillingham right. However, in terms of exact positions, these were to results: Jonathon Harries 6, Imps Analytics 5, Andy Bulley, Connor Pearce 3, Jon Featherby, Ben Daniels 2, Andrew Horn, Pete Summers, Keith Hookham, Dom Clarke, Me 1.

For the record, the only one I got right was Oxford in 8th. Booo.

Anyhow, it’s time to get involved again this season. All you have to do is fill out the form below with your 1-24, and I’ll collate the results on a spreadsheet and come up with the definitive 1-24 for Stacey West readers. Of course, in this week’s returning podcast, Ben and I will discuss our picks for promotion and relegation and the Imps’ chances.

FYI, if you need to check which teams are in our division or who they’ve signed, this D3D4 guide to summer deals is spot on.