Our Septem Horribilis: Why The Last 7 Days Might Not Be As Bad As You Think

It was just one week ago City went to Oxford United, grabbed a 2-1 win, and everyone was on cloud nine. Briefly, we were in the top half of the embryonic League One table, and those who let themselves get carried away could see a promotion push on the horizon., Go on, admit it – you looked at the table and thought ‘what if’, didn’t you?

I’m not sure there could have been a worse seven days to follow. Oddly, my life has tracked the club’s fortunes; I was on a high one week ago after attending a great gig with a good friend, and as the week progressed, things got steadily worse. Here I am, seven days on, full of Covid and feeling a million miles from the guy knocking back Estrella and singing along to the Rumjacks. For many, memories of leaving the Kassam seven days ago will see very, very distant.

Credit Graham Burrell

Why? What has been awful about this week? There have been four significant occurrences which have soured the last seven days for Imps fans, leaving us all feeling a bit jaded. However, within each of those things is an opportunity, and that’s where I am going to look today. I was always told (in those rubbish management seminars and team building weekends) that there are never negative events, only positive ones and developmental ones. every bit of bad news is an opportunity, and every cloud has a silver lining.

Well, we have had four fairly big developmental points this week, black clouds with a little bit of silver around the outside, opportunity wrapped in what seemed like bad news. Here’s why it might not have been our septem horribilis.