Ten Free Agents: These Are The Pick of Realistic Strikers

As soon as the transfer window closed, I got asked about free agent strikers.

Usually, this is a futile question. Usually, we’re not looking for a free agent striker, and therefore these articles are to satisfy your inquisitive nature but not intended to be a guide to who we might sign. This time around, there’s an outside chance we might sign a striker; it depends very much on where the club see Ben House as playing. It’s felt by some he’s a striker, the natural understudy to Tom Hopper. Others, seemingly including Mark Kennedy, have him as an attacking midfielder and if that’s the case, we might sign a striker.

Striker or midfielder? – Credit Graham Burrell

Here’s a word of warning; Kieran Agard and Joe Doodo were both on the free agent’s list last season and signed for clubs, and neither did much of a job. Doncaster, who Doodo signed for, were relegated, and Agard got minimal game time at Plymouth. Just because there are ten names coming up doesn’t mean we’re close to signing them, nor would they guarantee us any goals. However, they might fill a role in the team.

The criteria are simple. I’ve looked for free agents who have only been without a club since summer 2021. They must have either played in the top three flights of English football or be from Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland or England. I’ve discounted the obviously ridiculous ones, such as Andy Carroll and Dean Sturridge as well.

These are the strikers that may fit the bill, with a couple of ambitious shouts as well. For social media sanity, I’ve taken Hal Robson-Kanu off the list.

If you know, you know.