“Another Beauty” – Imps Fan React To Third Shirt Release

Given the passing of the Queen, the fan’s forum and third shirt release didn’t get much coverage last week.

However, on Thursday evening, as the world went into shock, the Imps released a white third shirt, the first white shirt (I think) since the days of Peter Jackson. It was a surprise to me; despite being on the committee which helped design the kits this year, I was convinced we’d gone for lilac. Shows what I know.

The kit is white with splashes of green and features a black badge and sponsor, which makes it feel less busy than it might have done. Personally, it’s not a design that appeals to me, but I felt the same about the away kit last season. The quirky kits are not my thing; I like stripes, quarters, hoops and the standard designs!

Here’s more than a hint of the Liverpool about the kit, as you’ll see from the image below, and that was my first thought when I saw it. I know Bubs’ first thought was one of relief; he hates photographing the black kit at night matches, and will be hoping we wear the brighter kit away more, as we did last season.

Liverpool's new white and green away kit revealed ahead of 2017-18 campaign  - Mirror Online

How did the fans react to it? Twitter reaction was fairly complimentary, showing that when it comes to taste, I don’t have as much as I think I do! I really love the away shirt, but the third kit (for me) is a bit too ‘wacky’. However, these Twitter users absolutely did not agree, with the feeling seeming to be very positive indeed.