Stacey West Podcast Announcement

We’re always trying to make the Stacey West Podcast appealing to you, the listeners, which means a few minor changes are afoot.

Whilst we’re sure you love listening to Ben and I have our witty banter, it is important to keep things fresh, and as such, we’re going to have a little shake-up.

We’re going to mix presenters up on a rolling schedule. Whilst it won’t be hard and fast due to other commitments, you’ll get me and Ben one week in the usual SW Podcast format. The following week I’ll stand aside, and Ben will be joined by Jake ‘Todge’ Tonge. The week after that, I’ll be back with the new fourth wheel, Chris ‘Pathway’ Laming. That means whilst either Ben or I will be a constant, we’ll be getting different views and styles across any given period. You’ll still get Jake’s preview snippet (when he sends it over) during each broadcast as well.


The intent is not only to keep it fresh but also to free up Ben and me every month to record a player special. The specials with Gavin Gordon and Mark Hone went down really well over the summer, and we’ve got a host of players lined up; a National League winner, a 60s legend, one of Keith’s heroes and a GMVC winner have all agreed to come on when we have the time to record. Hopefully, this will keep the podcast feeling fresh plus give us more time to create additional content to complement our usual offering.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank both ben and Jake for their continued work on both the podcast (in Ben’s case) and the YouTube channel. Thanks also to Chris Konrath for providing insight on Jake’s West End Imps show. I’d also like to welcome Chris to the Stacey West podcast team; his insights have certainly gone down well since he joined, and he’ll be a valuable addition to the growing broadcast team.

Finally, thank you to everyone who listens; hopefully, this shows we’re listening to feedback and seeking to improve your enjoyment of our content.

The new format will start with Ben and me this week, basically doing exactly what we’ve been doing for four years now!