Lincoln City’s Halloween Horrors

Apparently, it’s Halloween, the night when kids are legally allowed to go blackmailing their neighbours because they’ve dressed up, a night students use as an excuse to get drunk, when suddenly pumpkins become fashionable and ITV find an excuse to rerun yet another bland horror movie.

Luckily, I live so far away from civilisation nobody will be knocking on my door and the only scare I get is when I can’t see a fresh pint of milk in the fridge. Bliss.

That made me feel a bit sad though. No scares? No dressing up, no delving into history to pick out horror movies to watch.

Okay, I’m not a complete misery. I have decided to put together a post featuring some true horror moments from the Imps’ history that will have you cowering behind your sofa for far longer than Freddy Krueger or that one with the hockey mask. You can watch those knowing they’re made up, but the six things I’ve got for you are real.

Sleep well, Imps’ fans.

6 -George Cain

Sometimes, at night when the wind is whistling outside my window and the rain batters the glass, I remember this moment. Lincoln City, desperate for points against a playoff rival, push forward. A long ball (surely not) from the opposition runs to Pawel Abbott, about 1000 yards offside. He jokingly slips the ball into the net.

And the referee gives the goal.


5 – Gomez Dali

Gomez Dali played just over 90 minutes of football for the Imps in one start and three appearances from the bench. In those minutes, he contributed as much to our on-field fortunes as I have in 30 years of not playing for the club.

His one start lasted the fewest minutes, sent off after four minutes as we won 3-0 at Braintree. He’d been with Nantes and had apparently trialled at Macclesfield and Tranmere before signing for us.

I swear, in some of my darker moments, I see him wearing the red and white of the Imps once more, like a recurring dream that is sadly oh-so too real.


  1. Spot in with your assessment of Chris Sutton, Gary. He did nothing to connect with the fans, and i remember a cup match v Leeds where he did not get out of his dugout and on to the touchline until well into the second half–No passion, no investment in terms of himself into the club…..the exact opposite of the Cowleys’. In my opinion, he epitomised everything that was not community minded, and i think that the powers that be were in awe of his reputation as a premiership player when they gave him the Manage’s job…with no pedigree as a manager.

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