Nine Potential Cut Price Transfer Window Targets

Credit Graham Burrell

I know some of you out there love a good speculation article, so here it is.

Today marks the turning point of the autumn spell – we’re now as close to the opening of the transfer window as we are to the closing of it in September. That means we’ll have a good idea of where we are as a squad, and obviously, recruitment will be high on the list of priorities for both Jez George and Mark Kennedy.

I’ve been scanning the squad and I think we’re short in a couple of areas, especially now we have a clearer indication of where the squad is. I think Mark might be eyeing actual wing-backs to play in the 3-4-3, rather than the more defensive players, and he’ll almost certainly want a striker. Now, the latter will not be easy to come by – there are few out there, but the January window is one where we often see surprise moves. Who would have thought we’d have bagged John Marquis this time last year?

Credit Graham Burrell

I can see a centre half moving on, and if we’re talking saleable assets, it might be someone like Regan Poole. That would be a blow, but we’re heavy in the defensive area in our ‘two for every position’ model. Much depends on Joe Walsh’s managed return, and Lewis Montsma, but you can easily see where we might lose a central defender. However, if we’re going to play three at the back and hope for positive results at home, we’re going to need to seek out some adventurous wide players.

In the summer, the best value comes from those players who are out of contract, but in the winter, it is players in their final six months who pose the best bang for our buck. Remember, we signed Regan Poole as he entered the final six months of his contract, as we did Max Sanders and Cohen Bramall. We’re always going to be looking for the wins in terms of value for money, so that got me thinking: what players were out there, in the final six months of their deal, who might fit the Imps’ needs this winter?

Credit Graham Burrell

I’ve been leaning on Transfermrkt, looking at who they feel is out of contract, and I’ve come up with a list of possible cut-price deals we could secure. I stress I have no inside knowledge at all here, there are no leaks as to who we’re looking at coming my way. It’s purely speculation and a bit of research. Still, there are a few bits to enjoy, I’m sure you’ll agree!