Mark Kennedy Makes Transfer Window Revelation

Credit Graham Burrell

Imps Head Coach Mark Kennedy has been discussing the upcoming transfer window and what it looks like for Lincoln City.

After a ten-day lay-off, City travel to Shropshire tomorrow to face Shrewsbury, hoping to avenge last season’s dismal 1-0 defeat. It is the first game of a packed December that sees City play seven times, five in the league and twice in cups, before a January 2nd visit by Ipswich Town. That spell will take us into the transfer window, which is where there’s bound to be plenty of chatter here, on the radio and especially on cheap clickbait sites.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference, Mark admitted that there is a clear plan in place, with regular conversations around the process.

Credit Graham Burrell

“We’ve had a lot of conversation around recruitment with Jez, between ourselves as the coaching staff, and that’s an ongoing process. When I leave here, I’m going straight into a recruitment meeting,” he told BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Rob Makepeace. “It’s about dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, and unfortunately, what we want and what we’ve identified we may not get, may not be available and may not want to come. We’ve got very talented players who I’m sure will be sought after by other people.”

Mark admitted that it might not mean a huge amount of business done by the club in what promises to be an interesting month.

“Whether there will be loads of business or very little business, I have no idea. What we do have is a clear plan. Whether we’re able to maximise that, time will tell.”

Our Head Coach also revealed that many of the summer deals were already in place before he came in, and whilst he was delighted to get a number of those over the line, he feels better prepared to have significant input this time out.

Credit Graham Burrell

“Definitely better prepared,” he replied when asked how he felt about the winter window. “When I first came in, a lot of things were already in place. I think we’ve got a brilliant recruitment headed by Jez as director of football. People have come and gone from that recruitment team and done an outstanding job. What I didn’t want to do was come into a league I wasn’t overly familiar with and start saying I wanted A, B and C.

“A lot of the things we did in the transfer window had been well in place before I came in, but I was absolutely happy with that and really please to be the one to get them over the line. This time around, we’ve been here for five or six months, so we’ve had a lot more input in that.”