Looking Back At: Imps v Wycombe 1988

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It seems fitting that we’ve come to the Wycombe game as I’ve come to the end of the newspaper reports I was able to obtain for Patreon’s game requests.

I’m not sure there’s a huge amount to write about this game on my part. For a while, this was simply the greatest day of my life. I was nine when we won the Conference, it was my first full season as an Imp, and I genuinely thought it would always be like this! That season was so exciting; City playing second fiddle to Barnet all the way is how many remember it, but Kettering were right up there with us as well. It all came down to the last week when we overtook Barnet and just needed to match their result to go up.

Officially, 9,432 were in the Bank. Unofficially, I’ve seen reports suggesting it may have been closer to 13,000. It was the biggest event I’d ever been to at the time, the whole family were there, and as history shows, City won 2-0. So many Imps I know recall this as their first full season, and those who are a little longer in the tooth recall it fondly as a story of triumph over adversity. Little did we realise Wycombe would soon join us in the Football League.

Rather than me taking you through the day, I’ve got a host of newspaper reports for you and a video from YouTube as well. Enjoy.


Eagle-eyed readers will spot my Dad on the Instagram post above – I’m somewhere behind Dave Clarke.


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