Three Former Imps Available For Loan This January

Silly season is almost upon us.

I’m not talking about where people intentionally listen to Michael Buble, and drink as much in a week as they would in a year (or, in my mate Dave’s case, as much in a week as he drinks every week). I’m not talking about lights on houses that cost as much to turn on as the presents under the tree, nor pretending you like all your family for a day or two. Nope, I’m talking about the transfer window.

All those clickbait sites will be gearing up with their random rumour generator to link players with clubs and get pulses racing. Cornell will believe we’re signing everyone we’re linked with, most of you will be taken in by at least one Twitter rumour, and the guy you see at the bar in the pub will have the sort of insider titbit that deep down, you know is guff, but you repeat anyway.

One of our current top loan signings – Credit Graham Burrell

I’m going to focus on an old favourite in terms of rumours today – the returning Imp. Three players have been made available for loan this winter who have, at one stage or another, lit up Sincil Bank with their skills. We’re up to quota on loans, but the team that was excellent at Southampton had just two in the starting XI – Matty Virtue and Carl Rushworth. Assuming that Jack Diamond is part of that, there is scope for one perhaps to return and be swapped for another.

Given today’s news, it could be Southampton we’re raiding, or it could be a return for one of these old faces – why not get the silly season kicked off with a good ‘Tyler Walker is coming back’ rumour? Right? Is he on the list?

Click on to find out.