Lincoln City Top Ten Games of 2022

Credit Graham Burrell

The New Year is just around the corner, and we’re in the somewhat odd position of having to review a year.

It’s odd because football doesn’t work in years; it works in seasons. Who would, for instance, have put Liam Hearn‘s last goal for the club in the same year as us beating Oldham in the FA Cup? Or Danny Cowley leaving in the same year we went to Goodison Park in the FA Cup? Those events were the same year, but in different seasons, and it feels a bit alien to mix them up.

Credit Graham Burrell

However, when New Year’s Eve comes around, we often look back at a full year and evaluate a few highs and lows. So, to kick you off a day early, I’ve compiled the best Lincoln City performances of 2022 according to you, the Stacey West readers. The results have been compiled from your player scores on the site, submitted every week.

Is your favourite on the top ten list? Can you believe that the top three consist of a defeat, a draw and a win? Or that Chris Maguire gets a mention in the article? Nope, me either!

Enjoy, and here’s to a list with as many highlights on it in 12 month’s time