Ten Former Imps Released By Football League Clubs This Summer

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

We’re in the middle of releasing season, where clubs announce their retained lists and let players go. 

We’ve seen Joe Walsh, Max Sanders, and Regan Poole leave the club so far, with others offered new deals or retained. Fans of AFC Wimbledon might well have an eye on Sanders, as he’s a former Womble who impressed during his time there. It’s unlikely MK Dons will have much interest in where Poole goes, though. He’s going up, they’re going down.

The cult of the former player always fascinates me. Whenever a former player is released, you get people saying, ‘I’d have him back’, often the same people who were slating him when he played for us. It got me wondering – of the ten former Lincoln players released by Football League clubs so far this summer, how many would we happily have back? As we finished in our second-highest position since the early eighties, it’s surely a stretch to expect we’d have any back, isn’t it?

Will the main man be looking to bring back any familiar faces? Credit Graham Burrell

It was Agatha Christie who said: “One can never go back, that one should not ever try to go back – that the essence of life is going forward. Life is really a One Way Street.” With that in mind, here are the ten players released by other clubs this summer, and whether personally, I’d like to see them back at the Bank.

Disclaimer – it is unlikely that nine of these ten would come back to the club at all; the article is meant to be a bit of fun to keep you amused over this, quiet week, at the club.