Stacey West Podcast 2023/24 Season Announcement

As you may be aware, the Stacey West team had our content meeting last night, thrashing out our plans for the new season.

Last year, Jake moved on to pursue his own content, and Charlie Beeston joined us doing player interviews. The intention was always to shuffle the content around this season and try something different, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

For the coming season, those of you who enjoy listening to our podcast are going to get a double dose of action. Having conducted research, we’ve discovered that you want our match reviews earlier in the week but our previews later in the week. Well, ask, and ye shall receive (that only applies to podcasts). This season, the Stacey West Podcast will be going out TWICE WEEKLY!

On a Monday, you’ll be treated to a review of the Saturday game and a look ahead if there’s a Tuesday match. It might be a shorter podcast, but our Sunday specials went down well this season, and we see no reason why we wouldn’t make them a regular thing. On a Friday, you’ll get a regular podcast with Charlie’s preview and us covering any weekly news. That’s two podcasts for the price of one, and when the price of one is absolutely free, it’s a bloody bargain.

It’s definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on the YouTube channel as well. We’ve recognised that not everyone wishes to listen to a podcast – short videos are also important. With that in mind, not only will you get Charlie’s full-length previews on YouTube, but we’ll also be putting interesting snippets from every podcast on there as well. Can’t be arsed to listen to us drone on for an hour? Why not try 15-minute audio with a visual aid, and see if that’s more palatable?

The YouTube channel is going to be the place to be next season for all things unofficial Lincoln City. Charlie will be putting together more videos on different topics, and short watches for you to engage with. We’re also planning a monthly YouTube exclusive show wrapping up each month with stats, analysis, and the usual irrelevant banter. The exact details are still to be thrashed out, but we feel there’s an opening for something visual each month for those who digest content that way.

I will also do the dog walk videos live at random times when my dog decides to walk, but they will no longer be released as an audio podcast for general consumption. The sound quality isn’t what I’d like to deliver, so it’ll be going out as visual only – that’s on social media and YouTube. However, Patreons of the site, who join up for as little as £2 per month to support running costs and subscriptions, WILL get the audio via the Patreon site to listen to.

We’re committed to keeping you entertained; as the longest-running Lincoln City podcast, we felt it was time to freshen things up a bit. we’ve got some new graphics (done by me, on my phone), but we’re keeping the logo the same, we’re keeping the theme tune (that was a short debate) and we’re giving you more of the stuff you love.

Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel; if you can, check out the Patreon for the site for as little as £2 per month, and most of all, keep sharing our content and trying to get your friends involved as well!

Last of all – Up The Imps.