Pre-Season Friendlies The Imps Never Finished

City went to Crewe this afternoon, with the weather proving to be inhospitable at best.

Pre-season games are usually bathed in the warm summer sun, with fans in shorts and t-shirts enjoying the occasion. Last weekend at Boston, we came dangerously close to losing the game before halftime as a thunderstorm set in. I’m sure today’s game against Crewe will finish, but it did get me thinking – have we lost friendlies to the weather in the past?

Seeing as I’m trapped inside thanks to the rain, and Fe has commandeered the TV for something that holds zero interest to me, I thought I’d dig back in the annals of history and see how many friendlies we have lost, courtesy of the Nannestad bible (which you can still buy here).

Kettering Town 0-0 (July 22nd, 2006)

Credit Graham Burrell

Our last pre-season friendly to be abandoned was away at Rockingham Road, Kettering, in 2006. I can’t find a huge amount out about the game, but it was due to a waterlogged pitch. Two days earlier, a strong Imps side had beaten Grantham Town 3-1, and two days later, another strong City team drew 3-3 with Leicester with Ryan Semple penning his deal with the club, so I’d imagine the Kettering game was a younger side. It didn’t matter, events were brought to a halt after just 14 minutes with the score 0-0.

Kettering used to be a regular on our pre-season schedule – we’d won 5-2 there the year before and 3-0 in 2002. However, since the infamous 1-1 draw in the FA Cup (pictured), City haven’t been there for a friendly, which could be due to them not being particularly friendly on that occasion!