New Deals and Transfer Rumours – The Latest

Credit Graham Burrell

There were two bits of so-called news today that we may or may not hear more about on Tuesday, and I thought I’d seek to offer some clarity on the actual facts.

Firstly, Ben House. it’s mad to think 12 months ago, we were wondering is House might be an attacking midfielder and hoping we might get to see him in action a bit. Today, he’s our first-choice striker, a grafter and apparently hot property. there were rumours over the weekend of a bid from a Championship club, and yesterday Pete O’Rourke reported that House had signed a new deal. Which is true?

Ben House Deal

I’d wager most of the cash I have right now that the talk of a bid from QPR was a false internet rumour, nothing more. I didn’t give it any credence at the time, and I won’t now. The rumour wasn’t parroted by any of the reliable sources on the internet, and I tended to think it was as true as ‘Man Utd bid for Ethan Erhahon’ would be if I went on Twitter now and wrote that Man Utd had bid for Ethan Erhahon when they hadn’t.

Credit Graham Burrell

However, Pete O’Rourke is a journalist with a reputation, not an EFL Rumour account trying to get one, and when he puts something out there, it tends to be accurate. What I find odd is that the news breaks with a journalist because, why would it? Why would a journo get news of a new deal? The agent wouldn’t be drumming up business. Maybe it is something leaked by the club’s representatives to assure supporters that House is going nowhere, but if that’s the case, the club would surely just make the announcement.

Whatever the truth, I’d say it’s fairly solid that talks are taking place, and if they are, and have been successful, you have to applaud the club. I get a bit riled when the likes of Regan Poole leave, and supporters start saying, ‘we should have got him to sign a new deal’ because it is rarely that easy. If House has signed a contract, it’s great business because it protects us if he has a superb season. Remember, we tied Scully and Jorge Grant to deals when they could have walked away for free if they hadn’t signed, and to think we ever just let a player leave because we haven’t tried to tie them down is naive. Doubtless, if Ben House has penned a new deal, we’ll hear about that very soon.

Credit Graham Burrell

Ethan Hamilton Rumour

The other bit of rumour I can’t work out is the story about Ethan Hamilton. Nick Oxberry messaged me about it, but then Nick could see ‘Lincoln sign Messi’ written on a public toilet wall in lipstick, and he’d message me asking if it was true. As far as I can see, Hamilton is leaving Accrington, the same club we apparently placed a bid with for Tommy Leigh, and he’s been in talks with a new outfit. Is it us? Honesty shout, I don’t know, but we do need a central midfielder, and Hamilton is a player I like. I liked him when he played for Rochdale, although not against us. I liked him when appeared for Southend, and we won 4-0; I begrudgingly liked him when he appeared for Peterborough when we drew 3-3, but I did get angry with him during our 1-1 draw with Accrington last season. He also played against us for Bolton during a loan spell. Sadly, four of the clubs he’s played for in League One (Rochdale, Southend, Bolton and Accrington) were relegated in the same season – he appeared for Southend and Bolton in the same season, and they both went down.

He was formerly a Manchester United youngster, and he’s a midfielder with plenty of experience at this level. He’s good on the ball, creates goals with driving runs and the composure you’d expect from someone of his pedigree, and he’s no place in League Two with Accrington. I’ve seen Bolton and Wigan fans excited this summer when they thought he was joining them, and if there’s anything more than mindless rumour to this.

Ethan Hamilton would be a really good signing at this level. John Coleman has spoken of his professionalism and application during his time with Stanley, and he was good enough to help Posh to promotion a couple of seasons ago. He’s played more than 140 matches at League One level and is young enough (24) to still be classed as a prospect. He’s certainly the type of player I could see us signing, especially if we did go to a 3-5-2 at times, which Mark Kennedy has suggested could be a possibility. Also, with Ted Bishop’s injury situation always a worry, having a good midfielder available to keep Erhahon and Smith working hard (not that they need it) would be a big benefit.

Do I see it as a possibility? Sure, why not? We’re clearly putting bids in for players, demonstrated by the Jack Mylan rumours, so why not for a player with experience and ability? It remains to be seen if it is just talk, but it’ll make for an interesting few days.