The Lincoln City Results That Have Only Happened Once

Credit Graham Burrell

Sometimes, there are results that pop up that surprise you.

You know the ones I mean – when you raise an eyebrow and say, ‘That doesn’t come up much.’ We’re not talking about 1-0 wins here, we’re talking about generation-defining results that are rarely matched. For instance, Newcastle’s 8-0 win at Sheffield United, or our 7-2 defeat against Liverpool.

How many of you remember another game involving the Imps finishing 7-2? You probably don’t, but it’s popped up a few times, notably against Sheffield Wednesday (1892) and Notts Rangers in an earlier FA Cup game. 6-2, like we beat Forest Green the other year? Please, there must be eight or more instances of that since we beat Crewe by the score in 1895 and again in 1935. 7-3? Yep, lost to Chester by that score in 1936, having previously lost to Rochdale by the same score on Christmas Day in 1925. We’ve even seen a couple of 8-3 finishes, Barrow were beaten in the FA Cup in 1930, and Wrexham were hammered by that score at the Bank in November 1938; incidentally, Andy Pearson’s first match at the Bank.

I decided I wanted to find the most unique results in the Imps’ history. I’ve only counted League, FA Cup, EFL Trophy and League Cup, and I have not included the war years, 1914-1919 or 1939-1945 (ruling out a 6-5 win against Forest and an 8-5 win against Notts County).

Disclaimer – I researched this by going through every single line of the Nannestad’s bible, available for you to buy here, but I did so in bed, at night, and therefore if I have missed a 5-5 draw, or indeed a 13-0 win, my apologies.