Addressing The Stephen Kenny Rumours

Credit Graham Burrell

I’ve noticed there’s been a bit of kerfuffle online over the last 48 hours or so around us being ‘interested’ in the Ireland manager, Stephen Kenny

I was ignoring them for a number of reasons, but as they seem to keep coming up, I thought it prudent to go into the reasons I do not feel we are either interested in Kenny or that he is coming here. This could be one of those famous Stacey West pieces that precede something happening, and if he’s watching us play Port Vale tomorrow, I will feel very foolish indeed. However, right now, I do not feel that this rumour is something worthy of getting behind.

Firstly, not only is Kenny in a job (not that it would rule him out exclusively), but the reports say that talks have not yet taken place between the two parties. I find it very hard to believe that we’d be at this stage of our process and still not have spoken to the leading candidate. Liam Scully has already indicated that there could be movement after the Port Vale game, and yet the reports from Ireland suggest our ‘number one’ man has yet to enter into dialogue. That makes zero sense to me.

The reports I’ve read have also felt a little lazy. For instance, the one that broke the news (in the Mirror, of all places) said that our caretaker coach Tom Daly was currently doing well. I’m not sure an Olympic diver has much interest in managing Lincoln City. That sort of lazy, substandard reporting makes me question the veracity of the news around which it is based. If they can’t get basic facts right about our team, why would I be inclined to believe the news they’re reporting?

I wouldn’t, and I don’t.

I’m not going to discuss whether Kenny would be a good or bad appointment because I don’t feel at this stage there’s enough reason for me to invest my time in researching him. Much of his managerial career has been spent in Ireland, and whilst he hasn’t been a success in the top job, he did do well at club level, aside from a tough spell in Scotland. However, I don’t see him as the profile of head coach we’ve been chasing.

There’s not a huge amount more to say on this one. Even Kenny himself dismissed the rumours, saying, “You can be linked to any job. The only thing that I am concerned about is managing Ireland. That is the biggest job. No club job could compare to managing your country.” He added, “I’m just very focused on what we have got to do; I can make decisions after that based on when I’m informed either way. I’m not discussing any individual club at this stage.”

I’m afraid I know as much as you about the hunt for a new head coach, so I cannot say this with any certainty, but I don’t feel this report is accurate at all. I may be wrong, I often am, but I’d be very surprised if Stephen Kenny is the next head coach at Lincoln City. Very surprised.