Big Ben To Bounce Back at Burton

credit Graham Burrell

Ben House, out of action since the end of August, has delivered the news all Imps fans want to hear; all being well, he’ll be back on the bench for the game against Burton this weekend.

In a video on the Imps YouTube channel, Ben, who celebrated two years with the Imps last week, confirmed that he hopes to be back for this weekend’s fixture, finally bringing an end to a challenging period in his career. It’s welcome news for Imps supporters, who haven’t had much else to talk about this week!

Credit Graham Burrell

“I can’t wait to be back,” said the former Eastleigh striker. “This is what I’ve been working towards, to be back playing in front of fans again and have something to actually play for, to feel like a footballer again.

“It’ll be nice. I’ll be back, fingers crossed, as soon as Burton. Hopefully, I’ll be on the bench against Burton. And then from there, it will just be a matter of building up some minutes, and coming off the bench a few times.

Fans may well be excited. Ben was the breakout player of Mark Kennedy’s season in charge, but his season was cruelly cut short after the Sheffield United League Cup game. Since then, we’ve muddled through without a focal point to our attack; only in the last three games have we seen some cohesion. That’s something Ben is acutely aware of.

Credit Graham Burrell

“It’s good competition now. Joe’s come in, Freddie’s back and there could be a few more bodies coming in, I’m sure. I’m excited, really excited.

“I’ve seen the new gaffer. I need to learn the way he wants to play because I haven’t been outside with him until the last two days. It’s exciting, and the fans should be excited.”

It seems the markers have been hit, the strength has been built up, and all that remains now is for Ben House to get minutes under his belt. He says he hasn’t been on the grass much with Michael Skubala, but it is unclear when the video was shot – he’s likely to have had more time since then.

He’s most probably going to come off the bench for a good few games as he adjusts to first-team football once again, but as those minutes build up, so will the belief in our supporters that next season might just be the one we’ve waited more than 60 years for – the season we finally get promoted to the second tier.

Okay, maybe not, but you never know, and if we are going to trouble the top six next season, I’m absolutely certain Ben House would be a huge part of that.

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