Stacey West Live Deadline Day Special Announced

Tomorrow is deadline day, and we’ve decided to make it a live one for you all.

Instead of the usual podcast, we’re going to be live from 7 pm to 11 pm. That’s right – we’re going to be your companion for deadline day.

We do have a plan. The first hour will be the usual podcast, with a preview of the weekend’s game and the usual chatter between me and Chris. That will be available on the normal podcasting channels on Friday morning at some point, so fear not!

From 8 pm the rest of the team are joining us, and we’re hoping for a slick production. Ben is behind the curtain, scouring socials from League One and Two, and as soon as a deal is done, he’s going to drop that on the screen for us to chat about – he’ll be pulling the strings, making sure your questions are on screen, and we’re getting bang up to date news. Charlie, Chris, and I will rotate on screen, chatting about all the news as it happens. If there’s Imps news, we’ll react there and then. If there is no Imps news, don’t fear – we’ve got stuff planned.

We’re ready for you!

I’ve got an article coming up later today about the six winter windows since we came back from the National League – we’ll be delving deeper into that. We’ll take questions from the floor and discuss the business we’ve done so far. We’ll be looking at former Imps on the move this window and assessing the business our rivals have been doing as well. It’ll all kick off with a great story from this week that’s not football-related but will doubtless have you chuckling.

I’m not sure we’re going to get all of this in four hours!

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We’ll see you all tomorrow night, 7 pm.