Six Winter Windows Analysed

Transfer Window 2021/22

Seven in, five out

Credit Graham Burrell

Ins John Marquis, Jordan Wright, Ben House, Charley Kendall, Liam Cullen (L), Morgan Whittaker (L), Brooke Norton-Cuffy (L)

Outs Hayden Cann (L), Sam Long (L), Sean Roughan (L), Charley Kendall (L), Remy Longdon

Total appearances for permanent players – 112 (20) Marquis 20 (5), House 57 (14), Kendall 5 (1), Wright 30

Total appearances for loan players – 57 (7) Cullen 20 (1), Norton Cuffy 17 (1), Whittaker 20 (5)

Total appearances & goals in window – 169 (27)

Players sold – One

This window is really interesting because it will always be the one remembered for us spending a bit more to get out of the relegation picture. However, I feel it was much more than that. It signalled the start of a major change of approach for us in more ways than one, and it was certainly about a lot more than just spending.

Firstly, there’s a general feeling the loans were not good. However, all three of those players, two years on, are regulars in the Championship, with one wanted by Lazio. Therefore, they were good players, and I quite like the fact they’ve proven that after a stodgy spell here. I go on about Whittaker being booed onto the field; how he must be laughing now. Imagine, if we’d taken to him, we might have been able to sign him in the summer, and he might have earned us however many millions. This wasn’t bad recruitment, despite the perception at the time.

Next, this is the first window I see where we made signings based on the long-term future rather than the short-term aim. That’s ironic, given how it was seen as a short-term window, but House and Kendall were big signings for the long term. Okay, one didn’t work out, but that’s not entirely the point. We were now at a stage where the club’s longer-term aims were also part of the window strategy.

Finally, it is the first window where we loan players out for experience rather than to move on. It’s the first where two go to Ireland, and it signals a change for us – this window was where the focus was as much on developing the players we have as it is grabbing the ones we need.

Average Permanent Player Return: 28 appearances, 5 goals

Average Loan Player Return: 19 appearances, 2 goals

Signing of the Window

Credit Graham Burrell

Window Rating 80%